Humans Are Awesome

In his video "Humans Are Awesome," YouTube user Gerry B. put together his favorite GoPro action shots in a dazzling tribute, showing the lengths to which people will go to have fun and live life to its fullest.

Not only does Gerry's video show what those tiny, go-anywhere GoPro video cameras can do, but it's a kickass showcase of this editor's tremendous aesthetic sense. Notice his tasteful use of slow- and fast-motion, his cuts in just the right places, and the expert way he synchronizes the video to that triumphant music ("Time" by Luckner, featuring Sophie Louise).

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Editing video this well is not as easy as it looks. Bask in the power of a masterful video edit that adds further juice to an already exciting group of shots.

This is just one of the videos on Gerry's Humans are Awesome website, showing off not only the guy's editing chops, but some of the cleanest and most interesting video being shot today. Worth a look.

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